Essay Crafting

Our Essay Crafting program offers students applying to colleges with holistic admission policies an advantage by helping students create meaningful and purposeful essays that highlight each student’s best qualities and helps set each student apart from the crowd. Especially helpful for highly selective colleges, this program helps students get an edge when faced with lower acceptance rates, especially when most applicants have the same high grade point averages and test scores.

Key Features:

  • Our INDIVIDUALIZED APPROACH allows each student to display his/her own self in a high-quality essay format.

  • The technique teaches students the ins and outs of the CREATIVE WRITING PROCESS which is seldom taught and practiced in most traditional curricula.

  • Our HIGHLY SKILLED TECHNICIAN has studied creative writing under esteemed authors and has been assisting students throughout the United States in essay development for several years. In many cases, her students have received written admiration from the colleges for their polished work.

  • Our INCREMENTAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS helps students progress from topic selection, through draft assistance, organization, mapping and editing to a completely polished product.

  • Our program focuses on conveying PERSONALITY AND INTEREST in the college, thereby giving the recipient an ENGAGING AND MEMORABLE product.


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