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Why Choose Academic Advantage?

We tailor our strategies to meet EACH STUDENT’S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. We approach college access from a HOLISTIC perspective, ensuring that each student is given a distinct advantage. Our approach has paid off with HIGHER SCORE INCREASES and MORE SCHOLARSHIP DOLLARS.

Key Features:

  • SEAMLESS SERVICES allow students to receive cohesive and intentional counseling and preparation toward college and career goals.

  • A team with OVER 30 YEARS’ experience in college counseling and preparation works directly with students.

  • A variety of CHOICES in private and class formats to fit a variety of budgets and needs.

  • DATA-DRIVEN instruction and strategies designed directly from students’ own academic profiles.

  • We provide FAMILY SERVICES from grades 6 through 12.

  • INDIVIDUAL PLANS are developed for EACH student.

How we can help you:

Academic and Career Consulting

Learning Differences

ACT and PSAT/SAT Test Preparation

College Counseling, Research, and Applications

Application Essay Crafting

Finanical Aid


Take a deeper look at some of our services:

Contact us with your student’s current academic data and see how we can help give your family the ADVANTAGE!


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