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Upcoming Classes:

First Timer's Class
This class is specifically designed to give students key strategies for taking the ACT for the very first time.

Reading Class
This 2-hour class will teach several key strategies to help students manage time and find answers faster, practice time is included, students’ individual needs are addressed.

Strategies for Taking the ACT
This class covers all sections of the ACT in a single 4-hour format. Appropriate for students who have very busy schedules but still need a small boost on their ACT scores.

Writing Class
This 2-hour class is a perfect introduction for students who plan to include the writing portion in their ACT.

Math Class
This 3-hour class is specifically designed for students who need to review their math skills AND learn alternative solving strategies; this class is the perfect compliment to the Strategies class-together students have thoroughly prepared for all sections of the ACT.

Interested in any of the above options? Call us at 901.921.1833 to determine eligibility and register. Not sure where to start? We can schedule a Consultation!