Return Policy

Academic Advantage Return Policy

Academic Advantage is committed to providing the greatest quality of service to our customers. Our return policy is designed to ensure that users affiliated with Academic Advantage are aware of our policies.

THEREFORE, this Return Policy Agreement shall apply to Academic Advantage, and thus shall govern all purchased transactions. In continuing to receive services from Academic Advantage you are consenting to following procedures expressed in this document.


Appointments that are not kept or are canceled without 24 hours notice will be charged Academic Advantage’s regular fee. The exceptions to the 24-hours cancellation policy is an unavoidable emergency, sudden illness, or accident. Academic Advantage reserves the right to determine the validity of exceptions.

Discontinuing of Services

Clients are welcomed to discontinue working with Academic Advantage at any time. If you feel that you are no longer in need of our services, please email at, or call 901.921.1833 to let us know you will not be completing the program.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Academic Advantage’s Return Policy, please feel free to contact us and make you concerns known. Academic Advantage reserves the right to update the policy at any time and will contact current clients via email of the changes.


376 Perkins Extended, Memphis 38117

This policy is in effect as of June 28, 2018.